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TCTC held a new event on August 10 this year. The ”Hoot-a-kai” was a little different (actually a lot different) than your normal fun shoot.

The program consisted of 25 reverse polarity skeet target which was pair forward and backwards, 26 targets shot as wobble doubles, and 30 flurry targets shot as two-man teams. This is 30 incoming targets in about 1 minute… Flurry is as much fun to watch as it is to shoot.


Entry included a taco truck dinner and entry to several raffles.

Awards were different too. Last place was the best award, progressing to 4th, 3rd, 2nd and lastly 1st.

Everyone thought it was great, except for the guy who shot the best score.

Congrats to;

Greg Doherty

Chad Hall

Larry Brazil

Drew Engleman

Hunter Seymore


Turner’s Sportsman donated an A300 Beretta that was raffled off.  TCTC thanks Turner’s for your generous donation. They also ran their own raffle all evening.

 We also had several other donors. Thanks to all the below for helping to make the shoot a success.

Linmore LED - Cooper Wallace

Lawrence Tractor – Mark Lawrence

Te Velde Farms – Eric Brown

Gross and Stevens – Larry Vannorsdall

Echo Equipt. – Russ Crose



We had a ton of help from the membership to make this run, plus a few friends also. Thank all of you for your time and effort. You are what make this club go.


If you missed it, don’t despair. The crew is planning to it again around the 1st of May next year. We’ll make a few changes to keep thing running faster.

Stay tuned for more details later.





 TCTC Member Shoot April 20th. 

2019 Club Champions

HOA      Ron Souza

5 Stand  Bill Campbel

Trap        Bill Sandborg

Skeet      Cliff Johnson