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Shoot Programs & Newsletters

We're having a fun shoot on August 10th, 4:00 p.m. till 9:30 p.m. Lots of fun and some prizes too! Check out the flyer on the link below

Hootikai flyer

Also, there will be a pot shoot on Sunday morning, 8/11.

Shells limited to ATA specifications




May Gold Rush Buckle 


Gold rush


Silverado Winners

Event 1

Short - Don Collins     Mid - Keith Dodson     Long - Nino Carvalho

Event 2

Short - Russell Crosse     Mid - Keith Dodson     Long - Cody Dragt

Jr - Dustin Graves     Lady - Val Jones     Vet - Bryce Stoops  

Event 3

Short - Rod Williams     Mid - Bill Kelton     Long - Dave Kemp

Event 4

Short - Rod Williams     Mid - Mark Liddi     Long - Don Curten Jr

Jr  - Cody Dragt   Lady - Jennifer Liljeroos   Vet - Keith Dodson

400 HOA

Cody Dragt - 364

R/U  Keith Dodson - 363


 Awards from March ATA


 TCTC Member Shoot April 20th. 

2019 Club Champions

HOA      Ron Souza

5 Stand  Bill Campbel

Trap        Bill Sandborg

Skeet      Cliff Johnson



 Selma FFA Shoot

50 sporting clay targets and 50 wobble trap target.

2019 Winners

1st       Phil Scott

2nd      Dave Bennett

3rd       Freddy Hill