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Do something different for your next club or company outing!

TCTC can help you create an event. We will design a day of shooting based on your needs.

The clubhouse with a kitchen is available for rent.

Call or email Charlie Frost for more info. or (559) 999-2067



5 stand is the usually the last Sunday of the month, but the date can vary due to special events. 


If you were there I don't have to tell you what a great time it was. If you missed it I feel sorry for you!
The "competition" consisted of three separate events. 2 shooters attempting to break 30 incoming targets in about 3 minutes. Then each shot at 13 pairs of doubles on the trap field. Except it was set to oscillate mode.
And finally teams of 5 shooters took to the 5 stand field to shoot 75 clays coming from 8 different machines in about 4 minutes. 
There were 101 entrants to the event. We sold 35 additional dinners and fed about 20 volunteers. The food was great! But if you didn't feel like a full dinner Sheila from Bobby Salazar's was there with tacos. (with the proceeds going to the club).
This is the only fund raising event we do with the proceeds going to the club.
Saturday was our best yet. This was because of all the support and donations that we received. I have added a list of all that I can remember, but I know I'll miss some. If I forgot you, please realize it's not that we didn't appreciate your donation. It's because I'm senile.....
Major Sponsors
Central Valley Guns    
Lion Transportation    
Bobby Salazar’s
Neufeld Ag    Smokin’Barrel Guns Lawrence Tractor
Extreme Shooting Sports
Sun Mountain GC
Gross & Stevens
Valvoline Oil Changers
Lee Travioli
Mark Cote
Freddy Hill
Bill Campbel
Raffle Sponsors
South Valley Mech
Woodlake Hardware
Hal Crumly Inc
Napa Auto-Woodlake/Exeter
Barkley’s Quality Elect.
Fruit Gower’s Supply-
United Refrigeration
General Food Store
Woodlake Grower’s Supply
Oscar’s Hay & Feed
Lake Liquors
Woodlake Drive in
Bellcraft Brewery
Unruh Engineering
Keith Baker
Bill Vogt
Rebecca Esch
Darryl Yoshimoto
H&H Tire
Brice Young
Patti & Terry Henry
Brice Iden
Sportsman’s Warehouse

ATA Oct 17th & 18th


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